What are you doing to make your business survive or thrive during the pandemic?

Miguel Hill
15 replies
Did you have to lay off workers to cut down expenses? Any tips on how to adjust to the new normal?


Greg Ludvickson
Lots and lots of communication through slack, google meet, etc.
Pankaj Patidar
Cost cutting on infrastructure.
Betterment of networking
Dave Newmuis
We're a 100% remote company with our team spread across three countries. We use operwell.com for almost everything we do now, that cut our software costs down by about 70%.
Dave Newmuis
Operwell is my company, but since we still use it to run our own business, it's been a lifesaver in a few different ways for us.
Sarah Marion Zeus
I think it really depends on whether or not your business can adapt a more remote style of working. over simplifying it stuff that needs to be made at location may have a hard time while cases where you just need a computer and internet will have it much easier
Meng Wee Tan
Doing more online marketing
Matthew Wildrick Thomas
All of our tutoring went online. It's had its benefits and drawbacks. We've seen less local demand, but we can also reach new customers who are much further away.
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Just increase your marketing efforts and keep finding new new online resources to enhance your online reach. Also, social media is always a great way specially if you can fin your audience over LinkedIn can just give you some amazing results.
Maya Ben Zid
Shifted to working from home and doing as much networking as possible
Bryan Stouffer
Webinars, Embrace Remote for all Ages, Focus on Communicating your Value everywhere.
Marina Timchenko
go remote and use time tracker to keep up with employee activity tmetric.com