What are you doing to get ready for beta and launch?

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We are a cloud social media platform for Healthcare information & services. Have 70k community members waiting and around 3-5k for beta testing. We have a plan for testing but any input would be great.


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Congrats on the nice numbers! @honorthev I'd recommend to focus on A/B testing of the features you're uncertain about. Do implement simple NPS scoring to measure how it changes when you walk user through onboarding, main functionality and other parts of your product. Sort your audience into the groups of different use cases. I bet you've multiple verticals in your Healthcare product. Have separate conversations with them. Start building ambassadors for each use case / group. This is a great way to promote some of your internal folks. And so on, further specifics will depend on what sort of business you're building. Also read this: https://www.amazon.com/People-Po...
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@eugenehp great thank you! Yes we have partners with big brands but also other users as well!
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Hey @honorthev those are quite impressive numbers 🚀🚀🚀 congrats on that alone! As for the beta testing with first users i would suggest the following flow that we adhere to: -Let in for beta the number of users your team would be able to handle. As there would be tons of discussions, reports, bugs (usually :)) etc. -Also important to try to get the user persona of your ideal customer and test with them first. -Limit the beta period, as you will need time after that to work with user feedback. -Take a pause to mull it over. -Fix bugs, build requested priority features and go LIVE again, but this time for good and for the general public. Hope this helps. We are releasing quite a few products ourselves on the ongoing basis, so this is what helps us too :) Best, Aleks
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Wow! Thats a huge deal, it seems. I have just 10 ATM. Ship is helping out a lot. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
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You've had lots of good responses already, so just a small suggestion from me: be ready to handle the influx of beta testers before going live. This means that if you're implementing the advice others have given (A/B testing, NPS, developing personas), make sure the processes for doing so are streamlined beforehand. As someone else mentioned, only taking as many people as your team can handle is important. Similarly, having processes in place to ensure your team can capture and make sense of this data is crucial. Congrats, and best of luck!
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Would love to learn how you built the 3-5k for beta testing...?
I also believe that creating ideal personas, A/B testing, and NPS surveys are beneficial before and during the beta testing. But I would like to focus on one in particular - NPS. Net Promoter Score is a great metric to judge how much people like your product and if they like it enough to recommend it to others. So, make sure to add them to all the versions during beta testing. You can also experiment with other types of surveys such as Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Effort Surveys (to gauge how easy or difficult it is to navigate or use the platform). You can give tools like @qualaroo feedback software a try as they have many types of surveys with pre-designed templates. So, you won’t have to create surveys yourself and save a lot of time.