What are you building for Makers Festival? 🍃

Aaron O'Leary
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The Makers Festival: Green Earth Edition submissions are now open and there is two weeks to build the product that you think will do it's part for planet Earth and win some pretty cool prizes. What are you building for it? Need any feedback? Drop it in the replies 👇


Aaron O'Leary
Tell the community what you are building, and get some feedback
saurabh shinde
I have been working on Master Document Bundle It has Hundreds of documents you will ever need for your business. https://appsumo.com/products/mar...
We decided to unleash our creativity with @adlene_denni having both a background in energy sector, we decided to focus on a project we've been discussing for a while, i won't say too much except : 1/ Green energy 2/ Lasting 24/7 3/ Available everywhere and for everyone 4/ Owned by the community So stay tuned and if you are interested to see the project on the market get ready to vote :)
Kevin McDonald
Working on desktop app to digitally sign and blockchain seal files in an eco-friendly way. For updates subscribe here: upcoming Or check out the staging site and download alpha version here: Download alpha version
Kevin McDonald
@aaronoleary thanks! Can you arrange to add this project as a late entry too?
Jesse Jensen
I can't submit because it says: Registrations for the Makers Festival have ended!
Aaron O'Leary
@jessehojjensen Hey registrations are closed but I can get you In as a late entry if you like :)
Sandeep Acharya
Remote work has changed my life. I have working remotely since 2018. I was making 15k usd a year. Now I am making 90k usd a year. It might look less to you guys but here in my country it's huge. Hence for everyone else out there I am making https://remotefront.io
Tobias Gray
I've been working on a eco challenge app for the past few months (so can't take part as it's not in the set timeframe). But I am excited to see what others are coming up with and the PH choice of theme for this years makers festival :D Launching any day now and then after hope to find some likeminded makers.
Aaron O'Leary
@tobiasgray Nice, any hints to what you are launching?
Tobias Gray
@aaronoleary Just setup my PH post to be scheduled for tomorrow https://www.producthunt.com/post... Hoping the launch goes well, I'm equal parts excited and nervous 😅
Nathan Challen
🌱 GreenHabit 🤖 - Take Individual action for collective impact 🌏 GreenHabit's goal is to make visible the small individual actions and changed habits people make and at the same time encourage others to follow by doing the same. The premise is that by committing to a change publicly these changes are more likely to stick; and that one small change multiplied by thousands is not insignificant. upcoming ship page.
Andrew I. Kim
I'm working on a way to certify golf courses for their level of environmental friendliness.
Cathleen Turner
We have built Ginger, a game to build eco-friendly habits with the world! We have launched on app.ginger.win We see people joining out platform but not selecting challenges. I am wondering if our challenges are too difficult. We appreciate any feedback you may have!
Md. Ekram Hossan
Thanks for the link. But I can't due to the Festival have ended!