What are (were) your learning goals for this year?

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Now that we have 4 months left, how far have you come in achieving those goals?


Brandon Thimmesch
I've wanted to learn Linux and network security for some time now and decided that this was the year to do it. It's gone great! I am now using Ubuntu as my primary OS and plan on checking out other distros for fun in the future. I also learned a lot about securing my own home network from HackTheBox and watching YT videos from Network Chuck. What were your goals for this year?
@brandon_thimmesch_profile Sounds good that you have almost done with the progress and IoT security is very important as well. I wanted to pick up data science for finance this year, but I have made very little progress.
Brandon Thimmesch
@ajeyasriganesh I think it's always fine to shift priorities during the year though too, so some progress is better than none =) Data science sounds like a fun learning goal, all of the tech surrounding the financial industry is pretty neat to learn about and super useful.
@brandon_thimmesch_profile Interesting you had Linux as a learning topic. It was my learning challenge last summer - I switched mine and my immediate family's computers over to Linux - One of the best things I ever did. Now all I need to do is make my phone opensource as well by moving to Lineage OS 😏
Pablo Fatas
I want to upskill my people skills. Have been using PH community for that a lot recently and it is going well! (hopefully)
Pallavi Khanna
The power of community building - it's amazing how you come to trust people and build relationships online. That's something I've constantly tried to get better at; still trying to get out of my comfort zone and slowly learning how to keep the conversations going strong.