What are the upcoming digital marketing trends?

Shaur ul Asar
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The Covid-19 pandemic transformed the way B2B and B2C companies across sectors operated as people went online to research, review, and purchase. This transformation had a huge impact on the digital marketing sector and the roles of digital marketers. What new trends do you think are going to be introduced?


Jessica Rhodes
Digital marketing is going to be a very important field in the coming future because you know that Google is a search engine, but if you want to know more about Google then I have come across an article which will be search google or type a url visit this I am sure you will have answers to your questions after reading this.
Scott Chen
In 2022, WhatsApp may become a significant trend in digital marketing. However, there is one issue that so many people are worried about. If that is resolved, which I'm sure Facebook will do. Digital marketing will undergo a transformation thanks to WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a messaging software, and many users only want to add their family and a select group of close friends. When it comes to marketing, privacy is frequently compromised. You must have received a number of images from those apparel and bagging companies, I'm sure. But we never get to see them or count them.  However, we cannot deny the reality that numerous brands are utilising it for marketing and sales. Since 2015, Adidas has used WhatsApp to respond to customer inquiries about their products and inform potential customers about new merchandise. However, they recently started a campaign that mixed influencer marketing with live chats. Businesses interested in WhatsApp marketing can try out an automated programme called Social Epoch SCRM, which was created to send WhatsApp messages in mass directly from a PC or laptop in an efficient manner and was built on top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs