What are the unique features of your product/service?

Umer Jamil
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Every product has some best features, can you share what makes your product unique from the rest.


Luka Vasic
My product lets you organize your LinkedIn network the way you want to. Our biggest features are TAGS. You can attach them to people and organize them how you want. Example: Everyone who I connect with that uses PH I put a PH tag on them so I know they are also a PH user, and if they are a LinkedIn influence I can add an Influencer tag on them too. https://www.producthunt.com/prod...
Muhammad Effendi
Well Bravo lets employees and team members acknowledge their colleagues efforts and contributions and this all happen in a gamified way that can in tern act as a motivator for productivity and can eventually reduce the cost of retention.
Sandra Djajic
Our product (tira.so) is a workspace that combines chat, task management, and a calendar all in one place. Everything works seamlessly together. We have a cool feature where you can drag and drop any task from the boards to a chat. You can also edit the task inside of the chat.
Aaron Smith
VanceAI is a powerful photo enhancer with various features, and the unique features are our AI Photo Restorer and AI Photo Colorizer. ( https://vanceai.com/ ) - AI Photo Restorer is an old photo restoration service that can automatically help you revive old photographs by eliminating scratches, sharpening colors, and enhancing details. ( https://vanceai.com/old-photo-re... ) -AI Photo Colorizer employs Deep Convolutional Neural Network instead of traditional filters to colorize vintage black and white photos, which means users always get refined photos with natural colors. ( https://vanceai.com/colorize-photo/ )
I invented a product that helps people defrost food in 10 minutes https://site-7739447-4501-3348.m...
Sean Song
HiDock's unique feature is: it combines Type-C USB hub and Speakerphone, it is one of its kind product specific for ultra thin laptops.
Unique features of Flyfi includes, Flyfi checks your flight’s internet connection and gets your money back if it is unstable, Tracks your check in baggage Flight Status Travel Restrictions Location score Currency converter Instantly create report and sent it to ISP centre Flight seat map Auto changing time zone feature Airline facilities (In-flight services list) eg- Food menu, etc. https://www.producthunt.com/prod...
Adeline lemercier
I work for Plezi, a marketing automation software for B2B companies. Our product help marketeurs to save time and to be focus on the right things. Our unique feature is our "Smart campaign" that permit to marketeurs to nurture their leads without doing complex workflows. Thanks to an algorithm, Plezi sends each of your leads the right content at the right time in a personalized way to move them through the purchase funnel until they are ready to buy. We've written an article about it https://www.plezi.co/en/smart-ca...