What are the tools you use in your dev teams?

Ankit Gala
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Co-founder @ AnalyticsVerse
Currently we use Jira for project management, Gitlab for code repositories, Teams for communication and Confluence for documentation. @ankitgala how about your organization ?
Co-founder at AnalyticsVerse
I've worked at multiple companies in my career and have used a wide variety of tools. In one of the companies we made use of bugzilla to track bugs and issues(Did not follow sprints here :( ), used an internally hosted perforce based VCS for code and made use of the amazing Gsuite for communication and documentation. In my recent organization we make use of Office365 for communication(MS Teams) and documentation(MS Word). Our codebase resides on Gitlab, and since we follow sprints couldn't find any tool that is better than Jira.
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Our main tools are Jira and TMetric. I think all know Jira :) and TMetric is a time tracking app, you may check it out too.
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Thanks Katerina, TMetric looks pretty interesting. How do you use it within your teams ?