What are the pros and cons of working from home?

Helen Thomas
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I am geniunely curious as this pandemic brought to us a new normal that we all should follow. Do you have something to share? Let me hear from you


Veronica Jules
For the pro, I would like to emphasize that you don't need any transportation to get into your work. You can become more productive and at the same time, wear your comfortable clothes. For the cons, I'd say that it is hard for a lot of us because of the new normal. But I think social relationships with our co-workers can become really important.
Ryan French
Pros: No travel. Less expenses. Can take shorter breaks with kitchen downstairs. Washroom across the hall. Can dress down. Depending on your circumstances (in my case no kids), it is a lot quieter and easier to focus. Less interruptions. More creative. Cons: Unless you set deadlines it can be easy to let things slide. Sometimes harder to find answers to problems. I'm an introvert so the lack of a social environment doesn't bother me, however I've been a lot more anxious lately being locked inside all the time (more of a covid issue). I highly recommend anyone working from home install their own home-gym. Do a workout before you start the day. Drink lots of water (coffee doesn't count..lol). If you need to de-stress through the day, just jump on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Clears the mind and almost always gets me back on track.
Vincent Roush
Pros: No hustle and bustle of the city (I can save a lot of time, especially during traffic jams). You can wear comfortable clothes while doing your work. Cons: Having a stiff body from sitting too much. You can accumulate stress long-term. Sometimes, you need someone to talk to. It would help if you socialized with your co-workers.
John McD
Pro: I don’t have to waste time on commuting. With AweSun remote desktop I can simply get what I need from my office pc Con: Sometimes it's hard for me to stay productive