What are the products that you usually use every day?

Marilyn Rios
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Neri Raanani
Apple Music, Google apps, Notion, Wordtune, and Slack.
Notion, Pipedrive, Aircall & Slack.
András Juhász
Are we limiting this to software products? Shoes, showers, and elevators would be high on my list :)
Sandra Djajic
Spotify, Youtube, and Tira.
Tracy Williams
Spotify, Sheets and Slack.
Karl Hennings
I used to use only Apple technology. But then I wanted to find something new for me. I decided to try Android technology. I liked the Huawei model. I always wanted a smartwatch. Because it's a handy device for life. I got myself a huawei smart watch and I use it every day, sometimes I even sleep with it. I get calls on it and I can read messages. It is the most comfortable and the best thing I use every day.