What are the biggest challenges that you have faced in managing your engineering team ?

Dharin Parekh
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Software developer, Computer hardware
Challenge 1: You Face Aggressive Timelines and Budget Constraints from Corporate Challenge 2: You May Overlook Potential Cost Saving opportunities Due To Historically established Paradigms Challenge 3: You Need To Maximize Your Resources Challenge 4: You Struggle To Give Construction Teams The Details They Need Challenge 5: You Need To Minimize Change Orders During Construction
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@asrafulsg19 Insightful, thanks for sharing. The point that resonated the most with me is #3
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One of the biggest challenges that I face in managing the engineering team is identifying the areas of improvement and the corresponding Action Items that would help us improve the team.
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@sharnam19 Absolutely agree ! It's really important for any team to constantly figure out where and how to improve. We have build a tool with that ideology in mind, do you mind checking it out https://analyticsverse.com/ and giving some feedback if possible ?