What are the best tools to train your pitch?

Dima Zubchenko
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Sales teams and founders often have to pitch their product to investors or clients, work with objections or do a role-play trainig. I am wondering is there a decent tool that can be used to practice that?


Ivan Ralic
Hey, I've built https://app.pitchunicorn.com as a weekend project 5 years ago. Me and my team have been using it since for pitching in my previous 2 startups, I still use it 😄 It is a PWA so you can install it on any device. I know for sure that it still works on Android and Windows. I'm not sure about apple devices. The project is dead, but if you find it useful and there are minor bugs you want me to fix, please feel free to contact me, and I'll try my best to do it 🚀 Besides that, pitching is only practice, practice and practice. If you pitch it for 100 times, 101st will be the same. It's very useful to record yourself pitching, that way you can pin point the right intonations for emphasizing concrete points in the concrete parts of your pitch 😊 Good luck practicing! 😄
Dima Zubchenko
@ralic Ivan, we actually just finished working on our own tool. Check it out https://www.producthunt.com/upco... and subscribe :)