🎮🎨 What are the best tools for virtual team buildings, especially with new people?

Slava Bobrov
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We did Zoom + AmongUs or GarticPhone and it was a lot of fun ;)
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There was recently a product about games in Zoom https://slideswith.com from @crazak and @masonhipp
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play some games! among us, board games on tabletopia and bu rude for ppl ;)
Have a drink with the team while on Zoom can be fun!
Definitely around.co + Kahoot
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Thanks for the call out @neuro_future! @slava_bobrov Yes you should totally try out a SlidesWith presentation/game, where your participants can join in and interact with your slide deck. Here's a good pre-made "getting to know you" type deck that's great for new people :) https://slideswith.com/deck/2633
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The best tool for virtual team building is to not have them. Talk to your team, support them, then just give them time away to do what they choose.
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One great way we've found to build long-lasting relationships is to share snippets of your life outside of work. Sports, food, movies, games, anything that kickstarts an informal conversation works really well in my opinion. A culture of sharing helps teams bond for the long run. P.S. We're currently building a product around this idea where people can share activities with their team in Slack and complete challenges as a team, supported by many social features. Would love any feedback on this - 10lift.com
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not to be self-promoting, but I would advice to try https://myfocusspace.com/ we are building it for 1-on-1 focused working sessions where both partners work for 50 minutes and can talk at the end of the session for 9 minutes (it can be useful for someone who is new in the team for example to be matched with someone within the team to work - each on his own task - then they can talk) We also are looking for feedback so reach me out with any questions you might have!
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Gratuitous pitch for https://with.so When a team goes from in office to remote, there is history there, but when you onboard a new employee having the team available for questions and having the new person get steeped in the casual conversation of the day and the team's lingo is critical. Being present in a space like With helps enormously. We've seen teams do this and it works great.
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Take a look at different ice-breakers, for example this template: https://miro.com/templates/ice-b...
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We've been using SquadPal. Relatively new, but they keep adding fun features. I would recommend it!
Some of our customers use the combination of Zoom + BeeCanvas. You may try those, too!
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This is exactly what I'm trying to build and launch on product hunt. Online software is so boring and not functional for different types of meetings, definitely not for building culture too. Happy to show you if you'd like, let me know!
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around.co is really awesome product. I'm sure that lots of people love it.
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We are using our own tool, timz.flowers. Why? As it is totally new to everybody and we are constantly building virtual teams too, the digital savviness of the new team member gets tested using new tools. But there's more to it. Virtual teams live on the contributions of their members. In timz.flowers you get only visible by actively contributing with content, thoughts, and ideas. A quick hello is not enough. So you get two things A) an immediate understanding of the creativity of the team member and B) valuable contributions. Our experience is, that the teams are creating themselves because the members start to invite people with strong output, and all of a sudden you get new teams. It's different but powerful and promising.
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I'm gonna go ahead, and do some self-promotion here, but hear me out. Virtual team building activities on video calls is a great idea, however it's not for everyone. We designed Vmaker for Chrome , to keep meetings asynchronous, and have more thoughtful conversations without staying online. It's great to interact with new people on an instant basis, but you stretch it too long, things start going downward. Have a healthy balance between instant video calls, and asynchronous video messages. Putting your new people through this practice, can help you reap major benefits in the future.
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i suggest you use zoom or microsoft teams