What are the best tools for influencer marketing campaigns?

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Romain Cernik
Hi @roy definitively for me, the native platform of Facebook/IG : The brands collab manager 🤟
Thanks @cernikromain ! I haven't used it..will give it a try... can we like find influencers from various fields? like if I need fitness influencerss, so can I search with the same and get a list of influencers in that domain?
Miri Blayckher
It depends. I know that's the annoying answer - but which influencer and what's the product?
@gleb_braverman thanks! how about sparktoro?
Markopolo AI should be a good fit. They use an AI to generate campaigns based on the users input+industry data
Prateek Majumder
My team is building a marketing platform: https://getyrl.com/business where businesses pay creators on every user they bring to the business.