What are the best practices to launch a SaaS product on Product Hunt?

Ashik Wani
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We are rolling out a SaaS data extraction platform - DocAcquire. I have a newbie to product hunt, but I have heard a successful product launch can be a game-changer. As I said I don't have any experience in launching on product hunt. Please suggest to me the steps I should take to get the best out of this platform which will help us to make our launch a success. Cheers


Fabian Maume
Here is a good guide: https://cxl.com/blog/product-hunt/ It is recommended to wait to have few user before launching your SaaS app.
Simon Blok
It's kind of an abstract question. It really depends on your product. Had a successful launch last week, but wasn't expecting it. Best tip i can give you is to build an audience, just give the tools to get in touch with you from the beginning.