What are the best free video editing tools?

Saša Starčević
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Which tools are you using for making videos? Do you pay for making a promotion video or it is made by you? What would you suggest for those issues?


Daniela Passos
Have you already used Davinci Resolve? There is also VN and Inshot (mobile editors!) For Phovi, our Visual Creators team also work with filmmaking and motion graphics so we are producing new pieces in-house. But if you don't have the team or skillset for it and still want something that is 🔥, get someone/a team to do it :)
Saša Starčević
Didn't have an opportunity to use Davinci Resolve. I don't have the team and experience but will give it a try with those mobile editors for the beginning. Thank you for the info 🙏
Bikash Kampo
1. Promo.com Pros: (a) Ease of use (b) Supportive customer service (c) Manage up to 10 brands on one account Cons: (a) Does not offer text to video capabilities (b) No video capture 2. Filmora Pros: (a) Feature-packed (b) Easy-to-use for experienced video editors Con: (a) Not available for Linux users (b) May be challenging to use for new video editors (c) May not pack all the pro features you need for advanced editing 3. InVideo Pros: (a) Easy-to-use for beginners and marketers who need to produce tons of videos to feed their funnels (b) Create up to 60 videos a month on the free plan Cons: (a) Limited features make this a tool pros may not use (b) The free plan comes with a watermark 4. Horizon Pros: (a) Easy to use mobile app (b) Allow for quick editing on the go Cons: (a) Not designed for in-depth editing projects 5. ClipChamp Pros: (a) Easy to use (b) Perfect for marketers (c) Unlimited video exports Cons (a) Free (no trial required) (b) Exports in 480p (SD)
Nelli  Orlova
@bikashkampo what a great list, thanks for sharing! and which one do you use yourself?
I recently used Openshot. While it's a good tool for basic video editing - additions etc. I did find it a little clunky and fadeouts and fade-ins aren't as smooth.
Saša Starčević
@yeshaswini Thank you for the info 🙏 I have also found: https://www.kapwing.com/ and manage to create my very first video for my youtube channel.
Nelli  Orlova
1. I use Adobe Premier Pro, but it takes a lot of time for me to edit all the videos, and then convert, render, etc. It is meant for professional usage, not to do it fast and simple )) Also looking for a good and easy to handle tool to speed up the process and make my life easier. 2. We made our videos by ourselves, learning, experimenting, making mistakes, but improving and getting better. You can check and judge yourself: https://www.youtube.com/innmind 3. Start from describing what type of videos do you plan to make? If you want to get practical advice from the community, I think you should give a better idea of your initial task, challenge and goal. There are too many tools on the market and it really differs depending on what type of videos are you struggling with. Simple promo? Animation? Interview/speech? etc?
Saša Starčević
@nelly_orlova Thank you for the info 🙏 We are creating and using them to promote our upcoming product.
Abhishek Singh
Powtoons has been cost-efficient, helpful and has a good deal of features.
Mia Wayne
Have you tried Videomaker by Designs.ai? It's AI generated so it's really quick and easy to use. https://designs.ai/en/videomaker
George Fell
There are a great amount of free video editing tools I and my friends use for creating amazing mini films and vlogs. For example I adore the tool of adding music in movavi software, because I can make the music louder and then turn it down a little when somebody speaks in the video. I also love to trim the video and use the reverse tool, play the video back. In the end it looks amazing. By the way if you eant to learn more about editing definitely check Movavi Blog.