What are the best examples of email onboarding and sequencing for your SaaS product?

We have a cold list of email subscribers who wanted to engage with our beta. However, things got delayed and the list isn't nurtured. We are close to launching another public beta and would like to re-engage our list. Wanted to check if we have any resources that can help draft an email sequence to warm the list. TIA!


flo merian
@rishab_sharma3 Hey Ricky! If you're looking for inspiration for your SaaS onboarding email sequences, below are some examples from:
  • Buffer
  • Range — including 9 steps!
  • Slite — This sequence is very different from others. It starts with an email that welcomes you AND invites you to forward it to your coworkers. I find it interesting: people are more familiar to forward an email than sending an invite from an unknown app.
Hope it helps 🙂