What are some tips you would give to first time makers?

Aaron O'Leary
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We all have learning experiences from building our projects. Some of that could be helpful to new makers in the community, what are some of your top tips?


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Take break on weekends.
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@oyeakhil Can't recommend this one enough!
There's a better medium
@oyeakhil have only recently realised the importance of this!
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@trivial I realized it only after failing in startups for 4 years. Detailed post coming on my twitter account :)
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I'm a first time maker and I'd really appreciate knowing your advice from what you have learned over the years. 😮‍💨
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Never ask “How do I get started”or “How do I (fill in the blank)”. Don’t solicit theories you need direct, practical answers. Instead get moving on something. Then ask, “I did (a),(b), and (c) but still hitting a roadblock. For achieving (blank)” Show someone what you have done, and where you want to go. No one wants to do your homework for you.
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1. Create Twitter for following 2. Create Profile Pic for twitter 3. Create Github account 4. Create Figma account 5. Create Product Hunt account 6. Draft design on Figma 7. Create a new repo on Github 8. Create Stripe Account 9. Use Netlify or Vercel to deploy personal site 10. Buy Personal Domain 11. Create First Project & Make Pre-sales 12. Launch on Product Hunt 14. Keep Making Projects 15. Show projects you make on your personal site 16. Participate with other makers on twitter and product hunt 17. Get Feedback 18. Improve your projects 19. Customer Support 20. Keep Making
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21. Follow me on Product Hunt, i will follow you back on Product Hunt. Let's participate discussions, learn and support together
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Just because what you are building already exists doesn't mean you should give up. There is always something you can add, iterate on, improve or even just market better than the existing competitor. Besides, someone offering something similar to what you are doing is a sign of a healthy market!
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@tim_carambat exactly! i feel encouraged when i see someone else building a similar thing because it's idea/market validation 😊
Don't let your love for your idea blind you. Ask other people if they're also feeling the love. In other words, talk about your idea to anyone who'll listen, outside of your family and friends, to get their reaction. Do this before investing any significant time into development.
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Keep track of goals, small and big. Learn how to prioritize the goals and celebrate your wins.
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Have fun and do what you love! You may commercially succeed with your first product, but most of Makers iterate for years to find a great market fit and to build a sustainable product and organization around. You need to ensure your motivation engine is in the "marathon mode".
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enjoy what you do and have fun with it!
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Do not quit.
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Build something useful for yourself.
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Try to spearhead your solution strategy with understanding the problem you are solving and customer discovery.
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subhanallah you are really need to eat some Pilaf
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Create a product which addresses a market gap. Let the decision to build something be data backed. Also a great brand name = half the battle won
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It very well may be somewhat overpowering for first-time producers to design, get ready and really shoot their first on the web , however you'll have more achievement on the off chance that you can unwind. There are a lot of pointers that can help and beneath we've accumulated a couple of tips from the experts to assist you with your first shoot – seemingly insignificant details that will help when you are in area.
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This will be harder than you thought. You will feel despair. It's normal, try to accept it as soon as you can.
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Every idea you have that sounds good -- test it. And don't ask too much of the opinion of people around you, they're likely to be supportive but won't have a clue of how to make things right
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Try to build community around you 😻
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Completing any project check out mistakes and try best to solve. It's also a way to improve for the future projects.