What are some of the product problems you face in your everyday life?

Pratik Hemani
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Artem Smirnov
One of the most frustrating things is security. I mean, why do I have to enter a confirmation code on my phone just to be able to take part in an MS Team meeting?
Al Faisal
I think it's my celling fan. It's noisy. What's yours?
kathakoli sur
Deciding Breakfast ...everyone has different opinion. Now its more prominent as people are at home and new culture of work from home Do you face such problem?
Natalie Karakina
The robot vacuum doesn't remove dust from itself
Puneet Joshi
vacuuming/having to manually clean. How have we not come up with a technology that self cleans through the AC vents
Harsh Gupta
I hire guys and then they leave quick. It a hassle again to hire new people and train them or wait for them to get accustomed to our code and work.
Manish Rawat
Wrestling with an unwieldy ironing board
Cica-Laure Mbappé
When my regular apps are down. (Happened to Google Ads recently)
When my new one year old phone battery drains every few hours!
Jan Alexandr Janíček
I don't have enough time to implement all the ideas :)