What are some of the platforms for finding early adopters for B2B startups?

Anahit Melkonyan
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Hi there! I'm Anahit, the co-founder of Grandma, a startup that uses a machine learning model to detect hate speech. Companies can use it in their websites and eliminate hate speech. My team would be grateful if you can help us identify some of the online platforms for conducting research to test the idea and find early adopters. Also, if you are interested and would like to contribute, please share your thoughts with a reply. Thanks a lot!


Anahit Melkonyan
Looking forward to your suggestions!
Fabian Maume
Linkedin could be interesting. You can easily outreach some HR there. Phantombuster can help you do this at scale. You can also join various HR facebook groups and ask for feedback there.
Jayson Cantones
the idea is really good. I would say try posting in reddit subreddits r/EntrepreneurRideAlong ... you will get feedbacks and users there.
Pulkit Zaveri
Twitter is a big platform. You will have to find your target audience and reach out to them proactively. But in my experience, with twitter you can get meetings with users and customers fairly easily.
Katya Prusakova
Interesting question, I would assume some related slack/discord groups would be helpful! If you have waitlist its amazing also!
Anahit Melkonyan
@katya_prusakova Can you please elaborate about slack groups?
sri harsha reddy madireddy
Interesting usecase. Did you get the traction?