What are some of the Micro SAAS, small startup, et al.. success stories that everyone should know?

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Wilson Wilson
An interesting story I recently found was that of Rize's: The builder's first startup, Humble Dot, was a VC-backed company that raised over $3.1M in VC-backed funding but ultimately failed because the idea backing it was not validated. For their second product, they switched things up and built the landing page first. They got lots of attention and conversions, so they started building the product. This time, they improved with the aid of the users and not investors. And because they validated their idea earlier on, they were able to build something people actually wanted. The company is currently at $10K+ MRR and hopes to hit $1M+ ARR by the end of next year.
Rajiv Verma
@wilsonsquared That is how it should be done. VC money or, any sort of investment shouls never be the primary focus!