What are some good IP geolocation databases?

Anna Ioanna
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Hi guys. I work in a cybersecurity startup. I’m looking to include IP geolocation data as a SIEM data source. I’m interested in integrating a database instead of an API so I can check the data, but I also want to make sure that the data I get is updated. What IP geolocation database can you recommend?


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Hi Anna. Yeah, using an IP geolocation database instead of an API makes sense if you have too many API calls to make or if you prefer not to reveal your queries to an API provider. I’ve been using this IP geolocation data feed https://ip-geolocation.whoisxmla... for a while now since it serves the purpose of getting up-to-date geolocation data. I checked and the data feed gets updated every day, but what I do is download a new IP geolocation database every week (or every other week, if time doesn’t permit). What I also like about the database is that it is already parsed and ready to use. I don’t have to do a major cleanup or convert it into another format since it’s available in CSV or JSON.
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@andrew_ivanov2 thanks Andrew, I will take a look!
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You can try to use the IP2Location LITE https://lite.ip2location.com It is free and accurate enough for daily use.
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@ktopa hi Keris, will definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!