What are good jobs platforms for engineers/designers that want to work on great products?

Vincent Lonij
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The big jobs platforms like LinkedIn have loads of jobs but it can be hard to narrow it down to companies that are really product focused. Angel List is has been good and even Y Combinator even has launched their own jobs board that is very focused on early stage startups. Of course there is a board right here on PH :) Any other suggestions?


Catherine Madden
UXDX have just launched a (free) platform for Product, UX, Design, Developer roles. Might be worthwhile putting it up there https://uxdx.com/emea/2022/live/...
Tess Fairbanks
Public slack groups are a good place to look, they often have jobs channels. You can find them a directory here https://standuply.com/slack-chat... Also Built In is a good website to browse, especially for startup opportunities
Larry Reed
there are several top recommendations like AngelList, Hired, and Indeed that offer opportunities from startups and established companies alike, with job filters based on skills, location, and remote work availability.
Doris Peterson
One good job platform for engineers/designers seeking opportunities to work on great products is "AngelList," which specifically caters to startups and innovative companies looking to hire talent for exciting projects and products.