What are good GTM channels for SaaS?

Gideon Oni-Becsen
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Based on experience, what Go To Market channels do you think are most effective for SaaS software?


Gideon Oni-Becsen
Though at my startup, we have come up with 3 GTM strategies, I still find myself thinking often, Are these the best for us? What have other founders done that have worked for them? Our 4 GTM strategies are 1) Direct/Email marketing 2) SEO/Organic search 3) Content marketing What do you think? Thank you as you share.
Nir V
@gideon_bcxa It depends on what is your ideal customer profile (ICP), e.g. tech-savvy or needs an easy button, prefers to talk to someone or wants to hit the keyboard, where would the ICP look for a product like yours and how it solves it today, and pretty much any other useful information you can profile will lead you to the prioritized channels. I'd recommend to experiment the channels and see how it works for you in each. You should probably do some testing on different messaging as well.
Launching soon!
Each channel has its own unique distinctions and no one channel is likely to be most effective for all SaaS software competitors. Organizations should conduct serious market analysis which considers their strengths, weaknesses, competitor's strengths, related industry trends and many other factors before deciding which of leading go to market channels will work best for them in a given situation.
Fabian Maume
Product hunt launch is realy good for saas. Building a presence on comparison website like G2 and capterra is good if you have well established competitors. Check google trend for "Alternative + Name of your competitor" it will tell you if it is relevant.