What are good books about metrics/analytics meant for Product Managers?

Diego Iglesias
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I am looking for good books that help me get a deep understanding on product metrics from SAAS to consumer products. What would you recommend?


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
I'd start with this one: https://www.pierrelechelle.com/a... (AARRR: Pirate Metrics for SaaS) and then maybe this one: Lean Analytics – by Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz
Diego Iglesias
@bogomep I've just received the Lean Analytics one, thanks! What would you highlight of it?
Fabian Maume
Intercom ebook is good: https://www.intercom.com/resourc... Amplitude has also rely good content on the topic: https://amplitude.com/user-engag...
Shiva Prabhakaran
There is a lot of content created by founders of Basecamp. I think it is excellent reading for anyone interested in building products.