What app can you suggest for automated audio-translations for YouTube videos?

Ilia Pikulev
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We at our team hate to re-invent the wheel! But, recently, we've had a need to quickly create the service to automatically translate YouTube videos to a random language. Main idea: You provide a link to the video, and the service translates it to the language you select (with audio). The question is: Can someone please suggest something similar so we can use the ready one instead of re-creating it? Cheers!


Ilia Pikulev
In case anyone interested, the alpha we've created and the example is available here: https://polyvid.io/video/yt/trWr...
Valentin Marchenko
Hey Ilia, is that still of any relevance to you? If so - we are launching the type of service you were looking for :) check this: https://www.producthunt.com/prod...