Website themes, builders, or custom?

Zoltán Szőgyényi
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What do you prefer using when starting a project and you need a website? Do you download/buy a website theme, are you using builders like Wix or do you just design and code it yourself? I'm genuinely curious about this since I'm a maker in this area and I would love to hear your take on this.


Balázsi Róbert
I designed and coded both my app and my website from scratch, but I do realize that it would've been much easier to purchase a decent template and adapt it to my needs. Nowadays, though, I see a lot of potential in tools like @webflowapp or @versoly.
Mark Bozó
I'm using Elementor on top of WP which makes developing easier and faster therefore more cost effective, especially with client work.
Mark Tuazon
There are plenty of free and for payment types of designs for websits so you won't get any hassle. I created my own site through a rentex themed site at
Jan Horna
The vast majority of web projects will end up with a success if you buy a theme or use a paid service, i.e. website builder, and dedicate most resources to the content creation. Not vice versa!
Raymund Dizon
You may create your own website with Wix, but I prefer using WordPress as it is more user friendly. Visit my website at