Web3 Networks for Digital Products

Tim Parsa
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I've launched a lot of digital products over the years-- my first startup was a web portal for Mexicans called Todito.com in 1999-- and it's clear to me that the future of all digital products is going to be play-to-earn/learn/own communities. Currently most web3 projects are pyramid schemes that rely on an ever-expanding base and don't really solve painful problems the way web2 products did/do. Every day I watch products launch on product hunt and then sink to the sediment layer of the internet with few users. This is a shame because I see how much the founders put into these products. I think web3 can be solution by rewarding early believers, adopters, and collaborators with tokens that can be redeemed for access, perks, and ultimately ownership of the value creation of the project. The products themselves can still be web2 -- as most benefit from centralization-- but web3 tokens can bootstrap the traction and value creation that few product hunt launched products ever gain on their own. What this implies for founders is sharing the upside of their projects' potential with users, believers, collaborators, and investors. Instead of waiting to be blessed with a meeting or investment by some pattern-matching, paper-shuffling, ass-covering VC, why not first seek the blessing and investment of time and energy of the people who matter-- users, collaborators, and community. Seems to me there is a giant opportunity here and I'm pointing all my time, energy, and experience straight at it. Curious to hear what all of you think. Any product that launches on PH and achieves over 100 upvotes should be thinking about web3 tokens to bootstrap traction and NFX. LFG!


Jorge Falcon
Totally agree. The principal shareholders of every startup have to be their users. Their community is their main support. It's hard to see too many products and ideas crashing because of the lack of support or financing. The only way to achieve a long-term engagement is through Web3 networks.