Web 3.0 + Education ?

Mislavskii Vladislav
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Many believe that Web 3.0 will change education. EduTech market will turn into an ecosystem in which: 1. students buy access to courses without enrolling in colleges and university; 2. teachers benefit directly from the learning process; 3. people learn continuously, including joining groups to study topics of mutual interest; 4. schools are turning into marketplaces for buying and selling knowledge. Tooday we launched our educational system Skill Focus. Of course without decentralization, but it's my dream. Create new level of education. And i want discussing. What are you think about web 3.0 + education?


Yuri Lisin
There is so much potential in Web3 + EdTech. Im looking forward seeing peer-to-peer learning platforms powered by social tokens
Ezzat Suhaime
Sounds really cool. What would be the advantages of hoisting it on web3? Anonymity?
Amanda Trincher
You are right, now the world is changing a lot and there are more and more edtech products on the market. Our company also began to move in this direction and cooperate with the IT company https://piogroup.net/, which makes corporate training products for us. I think this trend will continue to go up.