We're making a news app, can we ask for some advice?

RJ David
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Hi! We are creating this app called Newsreels. It started out as an aggregator app that we fitted with our bullets summarization engine, but now we added another layer that gives the news in reels format. We were inspired by TikTok and Insta and FB (recently) and thought why not make news in portrait videos. Please take a look at the app and let us know how we can improve it (or if we should bring it back to the drawing board – hopefully not 🤞🏼 but all ideas are welcomed). Thanks in advance!


Tim Devereux
Interesting idea! I just downloaded it and gave it a try and it is pretty cool. One initial comment is that I like seeing the source of the video on the reel to understand where the news is coming from. It seems that some videos included this information in the title, others only show the title of the video, others had a logo embedded within the video. It would be cool if you could display the logo of the source on the reel.