We just launched!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Apostolos Dedeloudis
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I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! This is the moment I have been waiting for months to come. 🚀🚀🚀 I started building Mist at the start of February and now, after 150 waitlist members and 2 early birds, we've finally managed to launch into the Chrome Web Store. In short, Mist is a Chrome Extension that helps you practice mindfulness without fully detaching from your work. I am now going to start pitching the product to companies, where I think I will get most of my customers. I just wanted to share my excitement with the community, if you have any questions, you can make a comment.


Dimitris Karavias
Bravo Apostole! Subscribed
Manish Rawat
Congrats. Looking forward to the officially launch
Apostolos Dedeloudis
@manish_rawat1 Thanks. Meanwhile, you can visit our website, https://www.usemist.com, and download the extension.
Cool congrats @apostolosded ! will share it with the team and added to the "keep cool" bucket list of apps :p we normally give PH community 6months free at lyfpit.com but as today is your launch day we will give you a 1-year free plan to manage your social media :D
@apostolosded my pleasure if you don't use a @usemist.com email let me know so we autoupgrade the email you are using 😁
Hi, Am feyin an aspiring product manager Mind if I can help work in your product team