We got 50 big enterprise customers within 2 hours by using this hack

Emin Aliyev
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Yesterday Murmur team attended 27th Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition. And got companies such as Sirab, Azersun, Lazzat, Milla Sirab and Azersun interested in Murmur solution. We talked with reps and they were super exited and immediately asked us to send them corporate offer. Here is our marketing hack : 1-We pointed companies which we are interested in talking 2- We approached their booth and started showcasing our smart backpacks. 3- We gave to those companies Use case how they can use our screens 4- To amplify their decision making we showed them how people are taking pictures of us. We showed them that people are interested in such advertising 5- Result Marketing Managers/Directors shared their contact with us, and scheduled a meeting. Conclusion: By targeting the right audience at the right place and time you get the best conversion and short sales cycle. Here is a link to pictures and full article: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/e...


Daniel Engels
Congrats! The skill of choosing the right events and gaining prospects' attention there is extremely valuable.