Want to know what you think of the 'virtual office platform'

Joohyun Kim
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Hi everyone! I am Joo working in Gambridzy, an indie game developer based in South Korea. We are currently working on a new project for a 'virtual office platform' We really would like to hear about the user experience of a virtual office platform such as 'Gather Town'. Please participate in the survey and send your valuable opinions, We would really appreciate it if you could help us take a good direction for the new service we are going to create. *Google Survey : https://forms.gle/w5uhwmaxFz9xM9ya9 Thank you so much!!!!


Julia Doronina
Done! Sent my answers.
Vio Vanica
Hmm interesting that you are interested in creating a virtual office platform, I am building with my friend an accountability on-demand platform called myfocusspace.com Now to be honest, I would love to see more of what you are trying to create and if I can help, just ping me!
Dillon Peterson
Just submitted! Very interesting concept, looking forward to seeing what comes of this idea!