James Andrews-Coulter
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Anyone building something need some help, or know good places to volunteer tech skills & services? You guys are all working on such interesting things, and I have up to 15 hours of technological labor I can provide free of charge. I have 7+ years in ux design & research, launched a few side-projects and made some pocket money with them, and mentored 100s in both along the way. My skill areas are: - Graphic & Web Design & Branding - UX Research & Analytics - No/low-code app development & automation Ideas where you might use me are: - expert ux review of your site or app - ux problem strategy roadmap consultation - design/research/career mentorship - second set of eyes on analytics report/feedback - crash course on basic, real-world research analysis & synthesis - tool coaching or workspace setup e.g. figma, airtable, notion, etc - worthwhile grunt-work … or anything


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Products. Security. Privacy. Ethics.
I could help as well. I am privacy/security related enthusiast with a lot of experience helping products to be built and released.
Maxwell Davis
TweetStores - Launching 5th March 🚀
Hey James - are you still looking for some things to do? Got a few projects that I'm sure could do with someone like you!
shaik ikbhal Basha
1) idea - human accountability platform, hire accountability partner online meditation reminder, self reflection, read book reports absent/present 1) idea - find 10 customer free based on the topic, will connect for your startup/idea 1) idea - doubt clearing in office or group - if you ask doubt, it will send all people on personal chat.., doubt ETA(estimated time of arrival)when it will resolve, categorise 1) idea - mindmap tool - free open source 1) idea - share accounts for learning - udemy, coursea, codeacademy 1) idea - tech /product/sales/marketing volunteer at the weekend 1) idea - challenge platform - turn 1 to 100$ challenge others Reach me at ikbhal, linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/ikbh...