Virtual Workspaces. Have you tried? Does it work for you?

Yuri Lisin
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Hey guys 👋 I personally never tried but am very curious about virtual workspaces. I mean those types when you have an avatar, can move around the area and chat with other people. The part of me which loves video games is almost ready to try that out. But maybe not worth it? Would love to hear your opinion and favorite services!


Paul VanZandt
I haven't tried it out, but I feel like it would be a bit distracting. I know people that have used those tools for specific events, but not their workspace as a whole. We're creating an online whiteboard that allows people to engage in online collaboration, and it could be cool down the road to explore VR engagement on these platforms.
Yuri Lisin
@paul_vanzandt Could be distracting, but I guess it also depends on how the workspace is organized. Yes! I can see how tools like you create could be organically integrated with VR spaces.
Maxwell Davis
I've not tried the ones that are trying to gamify the space. But I do like the virtual co-working concept that @tiagorbf has mad made in his space
Siena Romes
Haven't tried it yet, but I've seen a lot of ads! Seems a lot of fun, but it can be distracting if you're not a focused person!
Yuri Lisin
@siena_romes I have doubts as well, but I hope they somehow managed to minimize such factor. I also hope Im enough focused person:)
Matteo Trovò
Hi @yuryfication we are using, have a look. The human approach increased a lot compared to using just task management tools and a few calls to update
Yuri Lisin
@matteo_tr This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! I think I'll try this one