Video or written content? How do you prefer to read product help guides/documentation? 🛠

Neri Raanani
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You're trying out a new product and need some help, so you turn to the company's help center. Do you look for how-to videos or written instructions?


Luis Hernandez Peña
For detailed information I prefer written instructions over video. I tend to get bored by videos while text allows me to go to any section easily. Additionally most of the time I need to copy/paste samples or search for a specific topic. For a presentation or features introduction, video is probably better.
Neri Raanani
You mentioned interesting scenarios, some of which I had not thought about and should be taken into consideration. Thank you for sharing!
Denis Pimenov
I prefer both videos and written instructions. This allows me to understand as accurately as possible what the new product is like.
Dylan Merideth
Demo videos for quick help and thorough product docs for deeper explanation
Khalid M.
@dylan_merideth Hey, nice seeing you here too, i noticed you from indiehackers. Love the vapour wave aesthetic btw.
Brad Fusion
I prefer Video content.
I prefer the video! I find it more fun and faster
Selman Babayigit
Both. Written content will probably give me more information, but a page with video content would be more interesting.
Sergul Sungur
I prefer to watch if there is any how to videos rather than written content. But for more detailed information I'm looking at documents.
Pramit Marattha
I'd take both of them.
Iya Mendoza
Both? Haha it really depends on the topic. If it's a quick guide or questions answerable by 1 or two words/sentences, I'd go for text. But if it's more about technicality, I usually prefer video. But if it doesn't work, I resort to written content. I think that's why both video and written content is important and a valuable factor for Google algorithm.
Andrew Isherwood
Both. Loom is great for doing short guides, and then doing a transcript (not word for word but a guide following the video) once you've recorded it is easy. Then you have two pieces of content to publish instead of one :D
Joanne Hurley
For me both. It depends on how my attention span is on the day. I like video for an overview if it's short and sweet.
Katya Veremeichik
It really depends on the complexity of the product! I generally prefer text describing steps with screenshots of the product's interface. But when I was figuring our Google Analytics back in the day, I was grateful to have video tutorials:)
Lubna Amber
I like video content.
Amelia Charlie
Video content is always easy to understand and more appealing.
Bilal Anwar
I prefer both. Video with written instructions
Bhumi Khokhani
I prefer written instructions over video for detailed information. The text allows me to quickly jump to any area. Furthermore, I frequently need to copy/paste samples or search for a certain topic.
Evgeniy Yakubovskiy
Attractive videos capture the audience's interest and keep them engaged throughout the video. That's why I'm all for videos!
Neri Raanani
@evgeniyyakubovckiy Videos do attract attention, but for help guides/documentation it's less about hooking the audience and more about being helpful and efficient to a user in need. Still, videos are indeed a good fit here as well - probably both written and video together. Thanks for sharing!
Marina Đurić
Usually both. A video that is under 10 minutes followed up with a bullet point explanation step by step.
Joe Kattan
Check out Scribe! It's great for explaining stuff
Sean Song
Both. For myself, some cases I won't watch video because I cannot turn the sound on. So in that case txt works. And then when sound is on or AirPod with me, video is better.