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Misha Akbar
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How do you decide if your idea is a valid one? Is this something a technical cofounder can help with? I have zero tech capabilities. All I have right now is an idea for a health tech market place app which will bring together therapists and mental health resources to clients in the United Arab Emirates. Clients will be able to filter through service providers to select one that is the right fit for them through. In addition to this, to remove the stigma around mental health wellness, there will be a gamification element to encourage user adoption. I am trying to figure out pricing strategy for revenue generation - I have an rough idea of how to generate revenue but really need some on to poke holes and ask questions so that I have my bases covered as I search for a cofounder.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Why don't you use a no-code tool and build a quick prototype and validate it with customers?
Misha Akbar
@bogomep Thank you! In all honesty, no codes scare me :-) But I think this will be a great learning opportunity for me.
Corvin Deboeser
Suggesting a few pointers before going into building something. I know building is nice and fun, but it's important to cover your base before you invest a lot of time in building the wrong thing. How many customers on both sides of this marketplace have you talked to? How many therapists, how many potential clients? If the answer is below say 10 to 15 on either side, you may wanna spend more time on that first. Before building, it's great to do the ground work and customer development. My go to resource for that is the book The Mom Test from Rob Fitzpatrick. An additional pointer for your case: you are dealing with a cold start problem that brings together two sides. Amazing if you have liquidity on both sides, but hard to achieve. To jumpstart the product, you need to jump start one side, either supply or demand. It's a good idea to start with the hard side first. Andrew Chen wrote a great book The Cold Start Problem about this topic, specifically for networked products like yours.
Boris N
Use tools like to validate the potential of your idea.