Validating and choosing business ideas

Desislava Tsoneva
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Hi all, after many years of corporate experience I have decided to dedicate my time fully on building a start up. I have done some structural trainings with the Lean Startup and Design Thinking so I have some idea of how to get started. However, I am struggling with picking an idea. I have no specific passion or skill set which I want to further develop, so I have been brainstorming potential problems (to solve) or services which I think might be useful to people. However, I am struggling with narrowing down my picks. Is there a way I can get feedback or help with discarding ideas which are not sustainable by, let's say, people who are more experienced and could identify flaws at an early stage? I don't want to waste my time on things which won't lead to anything and I would like to narrow down my ideas to a manageable number which I can validate with the techniques that I've learned. I am also considering teaming up with a co-founder, but I have no connections in my network, so if you have any suggestions on where to connect with entrepreneurs, it would be much appreciated!


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A good way to narrow them down might be to take a step back for a little bit and think about what's actually really important to you. It sounds like you're trying a little too hard and it's clogging your thought process. Take a few days to reflect, do some meditation and just clear your head. For me, the most import question is this: what ideas would you be comfortable working on for the next 10 years or more? Happy to feedback on some of your ideas though so feel free to share : )
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Picking a niche or industry is certainly a tough task. It was very challenging for me initially as well, but I found my footing in the travel industry. And now I run a successful tour company that offer desert safari Abu Dhabi and Dubai services ( My strong fondness for travel helped me made this choice. So, I would recommend you to turn your hobby into a profession. This surely helps.