Using Ghost (.org) for your Saas external site

Fábio Krauss Stabel
1 reply
Hey everyone, I've been playing around with Ghost for a couple of months and really like the platform and ease of use. I was wondering if anyone that has a Saas have used ghost as their main external website CMS (not just for the blog section). And if yes, what would you say are the shortcomings of it? Is it only formatting/design limitations? Because I do see it as a pretty effective way to have a rich website with built in subscription service with Stripe. But I scratch my head every time I try to answer why I cannot find any makers using Ghost as their main lightweight CMS. Thanks for the input!


Mohsen Kamrani
Hey Fabio, I used Ghost for a while for our blog, but quickly switched to Hashnode. I don't want to maintain any software or infrastructure, even though I used our own service to host our Ghost application but I didn't want to even do that as I had to do the installation of Ghost myself. I've never used it for anything other than blogging but I can tell you from my experience if something works for you and you're comfortable with it just use it, don't think you have to follow others in every technical decision.