Unique use cases of Notion not everyone knows of?

Sidharth negi
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I am Sidharth, a product designer based out of India. I use Notion to manage my life and work. I have implemented multiple use cases in it. I am also selling Notion templates in marketplace as side projects. Anyone in this community can tell unique use cases of Notion that they believe not everyone know ? Like- Gardening dashboard Pet care management Client dashboard Inventory management Invoice management Excited to see unique use cases.


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Invoice mgmt in Notion? Whoa, how is this possible?
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@alex_z5 This guy has client dashboard system with invoice, proposal and contract management in Notion. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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An upcoming birthday & anniversary planner for my team.
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It could be a great product, if synchronise seamlessly with the Notion workspace system.