Unexpected Benefits with High Impact?

Gabriel Ruttner
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Hey Hey Product Hunt! As we're filling our engineering and design roles at ClearMix, I've been thinking a lot about benefits that actually impact folk's lives. It seems like the days of pingpong tables are behind us and now companies are offering real, meaningful benefits. Curious if anyone has some unexpectedly impactful benefits worth sharing?


Maxwell Davis
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We haven't started our company yet but my co-founder and I want to go down the wellbeing route - Physical Health, Mental Health etc. Which of course help the company too as happy healthy employees are more productive.... Couple of things that I've utilized specifically from my company that were impactful for us were the maternity benefits - a lot of the heathcare visits for my wife were covered. The second one is a bit niche but the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore - provided me with lots of networking opportunities, got my membership through my company.
Archisman Das
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