Twitter updates, are they worth it?

Bryce Murray
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We're considering creating a twitter account to share updates as we build out our product to keep users and potential users up to date. Have you had success with Twitter updates? How do you know if it's worth it? Twitter updates, are they worth it?


TL Robinson
In the start up phase, it's not really worth it. Once there is a larger following, then I'd say "yes". I've found that it's helpful (in the early stages) when you want to create your digital foot print.
Misha Krunic
I think it can be worth it if you have time to allocate for gaining a larger following (and nerves to endure situations when even though it seems you're doing everything right, no results are showing). It can pay off in the long run, but most likely it will take more than just posting the updates - engaging with your followers and other accounts is very important. If you're looking for a short term and quick results then I would say maybe skip Twitter.