Twitter. Am I missing something!?

Nathan Svirsky
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It seems that some people are able to tweet all day, every day. Like literally every hour. And it looks like they're getting a lot of success from it. But how on earth are they doing this? Surely it can't be them doing it alongside busy schedules and growing companies? I won't name any examples but I'm sure we've all seen it happen before. Are they using GTP-3? Do they hire people to do it for them? Is it scheduled from a bulk pre-written list? Would be awesome to know what the community thinks about this and if you have any of your own experiences on how to become a Twitter pro 🐦


I guess it's part of their marketing and building their personal brand.
Nathan Svirsky
@andrefuchs I appreciate that, but just can't imagine how they have time to think and come up with posts every hour of the day. I'm talking about personal profiles, not company accounts.
Pritam Chougale
person who is able to tweet all day, every day. Like literally every hour is actually using a social media scheduling app like buffer or hootsuit
Victoria Duben
@pritam91 Even if you use buffer you need to create a relevant content. It takes time. A lot of time actually. I have the same question as Nathan. I've started this challenge several times and always failed...
Pritam Chougale
@victoria_duben Yes, relevant content necessary. But can we automate the content creation as well ? If you know any tool do let me know :)
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I feel you. It's time consuming, even with a scheduling app. But I think it's all about time management. People can manage to squeeze 1-hour workout every day in their schedule to stay fit. So tweeting all day is a choice and if it's just a part of their routine.
Erika Ferszt
I only use Twitter when there's something going on because I find that there's so many different news sources posted there, you can kind of get a full picture. It helps me avoid the echo chamber effect. There's also some hilarious memes and conversations, so occasionally it's a riot to be on. However the people who head on there just to fight with strangers have no idea the damage they are (unintentionally) doing to their body through the activation of their stress response.
om Bob
Are you really talking about Indonesians?