Trying to validate market need

Mohamad Ainieh
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Hello PH crowd, My fiance is crazy about babies and mothers and loves to help them out. She has the idea of making lights for mothers in labor to put on top of the car for when they're on their way to the hospital to deliver for people to know the woman in the car is in labor and for them to hopefully try to move out the way. Would that be something you'd like if you or your SO is pregnant and what do they think of it? Any traffic issues you've had when you had your baby?


Mohammad Abu Ajamieh
Not sure in which country you are implementing that. Here in Dubai, only specific cars (Police, Ambulance, Firefighters and Dubai Municipality) can have lights on top. Otherwise, you will be fined. Putting the law aside, this will only work if people actually know what the light means. From startup perspective, the light idea will increase in value the more people became aware of it, i.e. network effect.
Gus Sachdev
I don't think there is a need for this. I guess a women should answer this question, but here is my experience with 2 kids. 1. It is not like in the movies where a women suddenly goes into labor, it is generally a gradual process, and most women are told to come to the hospital when their contractions are x minutes apart, so there is time. 2. In most countries, it is illegal to have the yellow flashing light. How about an app that messages everyone when this happens, shows a todo list, and then sends a message when the baby is born.