Traditional Shopping and online shopping

Jaskiran Kaur
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How much of a threat is online shopping to traditional retailers?


Sheiryl Jose
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Anand Radhakrishnan
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alex carey
The online shopping is typically done at home or office that you could convenient use a computer to search online
Rachel Hayes
Online shopping has become so commonplace that it is now hard to quantify how much of an impact it has on traditional retail establishments. This fact, paired with the difficulty in obtaining economic data on the prevalence and growth rate of online shopping versus traditional retailing makes answer a question like this problematic. Traditional retailers, in particular, shouldn't feel threatened because there are still certain qualities and features of brick-and-mortar stores that online shopping can't replicate. For example, customers at traditional retailers can examine items in person before purchasing them; they don't have to wait until the product arrives before seeing it. They can also touch and try on items that are not available online - this is more difficult with most online retailers. Online shoppers generally must spend their money on goods without being able to "physically" see or examine them first which may result in a lower quality purchase than if they could inspect an item for themselves before buying it!
Travis Bartlesenson
Online shopping is the activity of purchasing goods like and services over the internet while traditional shopping is the activity of visiting a shop and making purchases.