Top features for team collaboration software

Eula Brant
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Hi everyone, I'm new to Product Hunt and anticipating ricocheting thoughts around with the local area. Are's opinion on the main elements required for group joint effort/work area programming? Video Chat? Informing & guide? Posts? Journals? Assignment the executives? Overseeing job based admittance to bunches for your customers/partners? Thanks all :)


Akinori Nakajima
Meet VoicePing - The #1 App for remote teams! Top features of VoicePing: • Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers With Live App Detection. • Speech-To-Text Transcription & Translation. AI-Powered Audio Transcription. • Effortless Voice Communication. Crystal Clear Audio Quality. • Extensive Work Diary and reporting. Monitor Weekly Effectiveness. • Sync VoicePing channel with Slack • VoicePing allows translations into 46 different languages.
When it comes to team management, TMetric is good. It's easy to adapt it for remote work (I use it now WFH) and it supports time tracking so everyone can work a flexible schedule. The app offers setting billable rates, managing projects, creating teams, setting up PTO and holidays. Any manager would find it helpful for effective workflow.