Top features for team collaboration software

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Hi everyone from New Zealand, I am new to Product Hunt and looking forward to bouncing ideas around with the community. What are peoples thoughts on the most important features needed for team collaboration/workspace software? Video chat? Real time messaging? Posts? Notebooks? Task management? Managing role based access to groups for your clients/colleagues? Thanks all :)


Mert Baser
I would say real time messaging is a must, messaging would really increase the retention as well Good Luck @billynzl
Alexander Moen
At this point, I think the future high quality collaboration software will let you collaborate across other platforms where you traditionally couldn't. For some brainstorming ideas for you, maybe think about where information siloes still exist, or what kinds of software or business processes for big tech giants still don't play well together, and things of that nature. I think the remote work/work from home collaboration and all that is still far from solved, too.
@alexander_moen Thanks. I imagine being a member of more than one organization or dealing with multiple clients it is hard to get a single view/status of work done or not done.
Akinori Nakajima
We recently launched VoicePing is an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package — all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations! Meet VoicePing - The #1 App for remote teams! • Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers With Live App Detection. • Speech-To-Text Transcription & Translation. AI Powered Audio Transcription. • Effortless Voice Communication. Crystal Clear Audio Quality. • Extensive Work Diary. Monitor Weekly Effectiveness. • Automatic Time Tracking and Reporting for Freelancers • Voice channels for projects and teams • Start Meeting in 10 seconds • Record Conversations • Voice calls for up to 50 users at once • Sync VoicePing channel with Slack • Status checking for other members • VoicePing allows translations into 46 different languages • Speech-to-text transcription • Advanced AI that facilitates multilingual transcription • Noise cancellation on the voice chats ensures a clear sound for all Do let me know if you have any feedback? Thanks!
Karl Rinderknecht
Assuming you’re not creating a new collaboration platform but rather making sure that your product is optimized for collaboration, then I would vote for real time messaging but also add that syncing your messaging system with Slack and MSFT teams is a good way to make sure your product fits within the channels that +90% of teams are already collaborating.
@_karlr Thanks! hate to say it but but yes. I have created another collaboration project. would love some feedback.
Karl Rinderknecht
@billynzl There was a day when were all content with g-chat before Slack. Always room for innovation/disruption! Will check it out. 😎
@_karlr Thanks. It is still on its temporary beta server in New Zealand. I will be interested in hearing how the performance did or didn't work for you.
Surjasarathi Adhya
I'm developing exactly this, and my priority is making it easy to use, intuitive, messaging with thread features and task management. I also have a task assigning feature which helps keeping people accountable for work. Check it out at
@surja_31 Thanks! Looks like we both had the same idea. I have a product in beta
Blake Wisz
There is some really good feedback here. I am going to see how we can bring some of this to which we have behavioral science and productivity tools. Some of these features sound needed.