Top 5 new remote work apps (or plugins etc) you’re using with teams?

Paul Hart
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Hey team PH! 👋 What are you relying on to help things move forward with your remote customers / teams since this pandemic switched up your knowledge worker environment? Testing Yac, Hugo and Butter are big on my team testing to-do list. Thx! ⚡️


Every time I used Slack in free version, we couldn't manage it and lost files or text :/.
Jonathan Yan
Hey @snakecharmer ! At oVice, we design and provide access to customizable virtual spaces in the metaverse for our users to make unique and their own. Our goal is to give remote workers that "office feel" by allowing them to interact with their peers in real time via their avatars, as well as being able to collaborate and brainstorm at an optimal level with our various plug-ins and features. You check us out at to have a look around and see how it works! :)