Top 3 podcasts on your list

Peter Nguy
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Hi all, For me: How I built this - A must for all budding entrepreneurs. Inspiring and incredibly motivating. Star Talk - a great reminder of how tiny and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Naked Tech Podcast - technology and pop culture. I've found other tech podcasts way too long and full of waffle. Nice, short and sharp with a good mix of pop culture talk. What are your top 3 podcast recommendations?


We get a lot of great recommendations here and would love to hear more as we end the year. What podcasts episodes, series, and new podcasts do you think are the best of 2020? To keep the "best of" thread numbers down we will directing all that traffic here. As always, self-promotional posts will be removed.
Valerie Borshch got some list earlier, maybe we will update it to sales podcast or structure on different categories in the future. Hopefully, I will get some insights here :P
David Beckham
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David Beckham
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David Beckham
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crazy robert
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