Tools for product management

Raj D
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What are the recommended product management tools? What are the most important features?


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Hey Raj, Could you give more context to the question? What area of PM you are asking about?
Raj D
Hello Bogomil, For example, what role does the product management process play in software development and embedded systems?
Valeria Migova
I love to use Weje. It is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized.
Marie Lacroix
Hey! I'm a big fan of Zenkit ( It's not neccessary a product management tool, but with the wide variety of different tools available in the suite now, me and my team get every task done. The great part about the apps is that you can use it for any endeavour, I even use base privately for recipes or planning of trips 🙂
Roman Manzenko
Hi!) Clubhouse may be the best solution for medium agile teams. Here you can integrate Google Drive & Calendar, GitHub, Figma, Zendesk, Slack and others through Zapier. A freemium version of the tool for up to 10 users.
Lucile Rivière
PRODUCTBOARD! I use for feedback collection, prioritization, roadmaping, discovery work and product announcements
Junior Owolabi
I use my platform for Collecting Customer Feedback, Feature Prioritization, User Research (e.g. Customer Interview, live/retroactive observations, Un/Moderate Usability testing and Surveys) and Prototyping (similar to a No-Code web application builder)
Pavel Kukhnavets
There is a wonderful tool that allows my team to create as many projects as we need, add task dependencies, and set milestones on a visually appealing Gantt chart. This tool is GanttPRO It focuses on professional planning and project management. Being an online solution, it is available on Mac as well as any other OS. The Gantt chart-based approach, combined with the clean and attractive interface, makes tasks and project management highly intuitive. Creating projects is simple and quick in GanttPRO, and the drag & drop features make it easy to add new tasks, create dependencies, assign resources, track progress, manage dates, and, if needed, change data.