Tool for managing charitable donations?

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Hi, I am implementing a basic reward system for participation in product feedback sessions, reviews, etc. Instead of a direct monetary incentive (amazon gift card) or gift to the customer (company SWAG), I am going to make the participation incentive a charitable donation. Ie: 'Participate in this product feedback survey and we will donate $XX to a charity of your choice.' I am just looking for pretty basic functionality: -Securely making the donation -- making sure it gets to the right place -Tracking which users gave how much each charity -Sending and email to the charity notifying of the donation -Sending a 'thank you' email to the donator so they know the transaction went through. Does any one know of a tool for managing such a system? (I figure that if it's out there, the Product Hunt community will know.) (A more manual process could be to limit options -- ie 'chose from charities A, B, C, D or E' -- but it would be nice if the user could select from a larger list of legitimate non-profits. If anyone has thoughts on how to make a more manual version of this system more manageable I am open to suggestions.) Thanks. :-D


Eugenia Russell
@wwickey Hi, Well done for setting up charity rewards. That is inspiring. I don't know of a system such as you describe. I have come across, however, a solution that might work for your needs. Liberapay allow users to pledge to individuals or teams who have not signed up with them yet. Your chosen charity would have to then make an account to access the funds. The advantage of this is that you could pledge to any charity of your choosing.
Ok, cool. Thanks @eugenia_russell. Interesting. I don't think that will work for *exactly* the use case I have in mind, but I like the model Liberapay is using. Thanks for sharing. :-D
Jhon Albert
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Alex Vik
There are a few different tools and platforms that can help you implement a reward system with charitable donations. Here are a few options you can consider: Pledgeling: Pledgeling offers a comprehensive platform for managing charitable donations. They provide a suite of tools that allow you to securely process donations, track donor contributions, and send automated thank-you emails to participants. Pledgeling also has an extensive network of verified non-profit organizations that users can choose from when selecting a charity to support. Donorbox: Donorbox is a popular online donation platform that allows you to create customizable donation forms for your website or application. It integrates with various payment processors, such as Stripe and PayPal, ensuring secure transactions. Donorbox provides tracking features to monitor donations made to different charities and can send automated confirmation emails to donors. Mightycause: Mightycause (formerly Razoo) is another platform that offers tools for managing charitable giving. It allows you to create customized campaigns, securely process donations, and track contributions. Mightycause also provides a wide selection of verified non-profit organizations that participants can choose from when selecting the charity they want to support. Custom Solution: If you prefer a more tailored approach, you could develop a custom solution using payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal for processing donations. You would need to handle the tracking and email notifications manually, integrating with the APIs of the selected charities to notify them about the donations. This option provides more flexibility but requires technical expertise to implement. When choosing a tool or platform, consider factors such as ease of integration, transaction fees, reputation, and customer support. It's also important to ensure that the selected platform aligns with your desired list of non-profit organizations and has appropriate security measures in place to protect user data and transactions. All options that i mentioned above, i personally using them for my ahsaasprogram blog.